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To be human is to empathize. To be human, is to do your best to make the world a better place. We often sit in our homes and ponder upon life’s biggest questions. We search our minds for answers that may never come. But when we give back, whether it be through service or happenstance, we find ourselves not questioning, but living…understanding what it means to help those around us…understanding what it means to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

As the 2020 graduating class of the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa we have had the opportunity to give back to the community-investing in hours of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) with the hope that we will give back for all that we have been given, no matter how small the contribution.

Each student strives to help their community and the world, each instilled with an insatiable need to leave a place better than they found it. Being students at the Academy harnessed this desire within us, the courses, ethos and principles of the school cultivating students’ awareness of the world outside their textbooks and academic obligations.

The Academy has done so much for us all. It gave us the opportunities to explore the things that set our souls on fire, enabled us to excel in all our endeavors and provided platforms we used to explore our prospects and solidify our principles.

As you read these paragraphs, we want you to know that as the graduating class, we would like to #DoMore2020 by giving this opportunity to students in Africa who have the same desire to lead and give back but lack the resources to obtain an education from the Academy.

Our Goal is to raise $50,000towards the Annual Scholarship fund for those talented students in Africa who through no fault of their own are not financially able to get access to study at the Academy. WE want the beneficiaries to be able to have the life-changing experience the Class of 2020 was privileged to undergo!

Financial constraints should not be the barrier to one receiving an excellent education. Through this website experience and see, just how much the Academy has done for us in this and how partnering together our contribution is going towards creating exceptional leaders of today and tomorrow and bettering of our common future.

We ask for your support to help us #DoMore2020 as we make it a possibility for deserving, extra-ordinary students from around Africa to get access to this life-changing experience at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa!

Together, let's #DoMore2020!

Our Journey

Learn About Our Journey

Please watch the videos below to learn more about our accomplishments throughout our journey at the academy.


Importance of Giving Back In Today's World

When I first joined the Academy, I was a closed thinker. I never got the support to act out what I thought. But when I came to the Academy, I was shown how to be open-minded, how to be adventurous, creative, how to not just be confined into that comfort zone that limits me and what I could achieve. Raphael Mwachiti
Talent Identification Student Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa

It is so amazing to see the graduating class of 2020 take up this initiative to pay forward the life-changing experienced by them at The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. Their cohort is made up of students from diverse backgrounds and has been able to accomplish so much and create an impact in all walks of life. During these unprecedent times these initiatives are ever so important for all of us to support- game changing opportunity. Azim Jamal
International motivator, professional speaker, and visionary

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Meet Us

Meet the Class of 2020

Learn how a journey through the Academy has transformed the lives of the members of the class of 2020. Hover over the pictures and click on the button with the person's name to reveal more about their journey.

Aaryan Ajani
Aliasgar Jafferji
Amaal Dawood
Ambuj Ranjan

Amilio Merali
Anais Batebe Shalita
Anjiya Ali
Anoush Alibhai

Ayaan Amir Surani
Azaan Sayani
Bilal Adamjee
Delilah Tende

Dennis Wafula Khamala
Eesha Jamal
Gabriella Mukisa
Heena Kamani

Irfan Karmali
Jeanette Homes
Jonathan Ssemuwemba
Laiqa Walli

Maliha Taufiq
Marco Tiyo Adriko
Margaret Makoba
Maria Atieno

Michelle Diawara
Mishal Vellani
Muskaan Bhaidani
Natalie Njuguna

Nicole Lutalo
Saifan Ashvani
Samiha Al-Tai
Sanaa Suhayl Esmailjee

Sara Karim Janmohamed
Sarah Gatuiri Mutegi
Serah Samuel
Shekila Juma Athman

Sneha Bardai
Soniya Marghani
Vellerie Musyoki
Ziyaan Virji

Ziyana Bharwani
Abbas Alibhai
Adeel Sanya
Alakhonya Anzala

Alefiyah Kadibhai
Ali Mohammed Sachwani
Ali Muhammad Afzal
Alisha Doshi

Anita Mukomah
Baraka Wandario
David Solomon
Fardeen Shivji

Hussain Cochinwala
Iqra Muhammadi
Jordan Ssewakiryanga
Joshua Byaruhanga

Joshua Makome
Keiran Kyambadde
Lovely Mughalu
Mohammed Hyder

Ohad Mutua
Olivia Kindt
Osman Mahmud
Rahil Bhagani

Shirlyn Kimani
Suleiman Hamisi
Tamara Werle


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